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     We're a team love hack and mod games. Our goal is to be the biggest platform to provide the BEST and FREE hacked games for our players. To reach this goal, KKGamer needs better equipments, higher bandwidth and team members to develop MORE HACKS!

Will you support us?
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Make Sure Read the Terms of KKGamer Donation Agreement
1. The donated funds are reserved for upgrading equipments, expanding KKGamer Team, initiating and executing KKGamer's research projects, not for the use by any individual for any purpose. 
2. The act of donation should be undertaken voluntarily by KKGamer users without any pressure or coercion. The donors are not in a position to demand any custom-made product or special edition by KKGamer according to his/her individual purpose.   
3. KKGAMER Team currently request for donation only via this KKGamer Donation Page. The act of collecting users' donation personally is unofficial from the standpoint of KKGamer. Please stay alert from potential deceits. 
4. The donation should be realized via a third-party platform of PayPal. Should there be any issue regarding and during the payment, KKGAMER users ready to donate can look for solutions from the self-help guidance found in the process of donation. 
5. KKGamer Team shall not compensate for any economic loss or damage caused to some or all users due to abnormalities or malfunctions of KKGAMER Donation Platform that result from man-made or natural factors by third parties like network disconnection, etc.
6. If the donor wants to ask for a refund after the donation is done, please write an email to including the following information, a) payment order number b) time of payment c) payment method d) the amount of payment e) reason for refund. We'll reply within 5 work days.
7. All donors are anonymized. KKGAMER will not expose any information of the donor or contact the donors for the purpose of demanding important data such as their property accounts/passwords. KKGamer does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the gullibility of the user.
8. KKGamer Donation Agreement will be supplemented and amended by KKGamer Team on an ad hoc basis in an indefinite period. The latest terms and conditions of the Agreement shall prevail. Once the donor read this agreement and chooses to donate, the acts shall constitute the donor's entire agreement and acceptance of terms and conditions of the current Agreement and those of the revised versions afterwards. KKGamer always reserves the right of final interpretation of this donation event. 
9. If there is any question with regards to the Agreement and KKGamer donation, please consult our official support team via

Thank you very much!

                                                                                                                                      -- KKGamer Team

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