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Stan Lee Hero Command 7777777 HACK
Stan Lee Hero Command 7777777 HACK
v4.3 | 306.23MB

Welcome to Stan Lee’s Hero Command, starring Stan Lee himself as the leader of Hero Command. Prepare yourself for an action packed thrill ride as Stan dispatches missions to his pantheon of heroes in a fight to save the world!


Discover and become new playable heroes across exciting scenarios, with new content released regularly.

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Play as Stan Lee himself! Help Stan sneak through his missions using his trusty invisibility watch! Avoid enemies at all costs!


Take control of Captain Steamhammer, a steel working strongman with a steam-powered suit; Seer, a kid genius and powerful psychic; and the Twins, a high flying trapeze team. copyright KKGamer

Villains include Lord Hibiculous, leader of the Dark Gnome aliens from Gnomulon, Sand Witch, an ancient mummy awakened by a curse; and Zombi, an undead overlord with an army of the dead.

Frenetic button mashing and exciting super powers makes Stan Lee’s Hero Command a must play epic adventure!


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