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Build your own empire and lead your people through centuries and epochs to its true greatness!
The game combines a deep strategic gameplay and simple controls. With just a couple of gestures you can build, fight and innovate.

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Which way you'll choose to become the first on the continent? Will you build armies or construct schools? Will you live in war or will you seek peace with your neighbors? Seizure of lands or rapid scientific development? KKGamer Team

Whatever you'll choose, your path will not be easy. But it's your time to decide. From KKGamer.com

★ ★ ★ Game features ★ ★ ★

KKGamer Hack,Let's be kkgamer

★ Colorful graphics and smooth animation
★ Intuitive controls 
★ Great possibilities for diplomatic or war solutions
★ All building, citizens and armies need permanents attention and support
★ Use special cards to move through epochs
★ Build your own wonders of the world and use any game strategy you want KKGamer Hack,Let's be kkgamer

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